Nancy C. Hammer
I had the pleasure of meeting Suzy in 2004. I was at my hair salon complaining about the Realtors I was interviewing and how I was becoming discouraged. My hairdresser spoke very highly of his Realtor, this woman named Suzy Thomas. I was so impressed by his recommendation that I called her as soon as I left his chair.

I made an appointment for Suzy to come to my home. She was so organized, so informative, it was insane! Out of all of the Realtors I interviewed, Suzy was the only one who was prepared, and I was sold. I appreciated the fact that she understood why I didn't want a lock box. She never blinked and thought it was a big deal like the other realtors I interviewed. As time went on I was so thrilled with my decision to choose Suzy. She kept her promise and was at every appointment. I was so impressed. I was around for some of the appointments and could hear her selling and remembering every high point about our home. I was so comfortable with her in my home as well, I never worried.

As she was working to sell our current home, we had her help us look for our new home. Again, we were so impressive with her knowledge of different areas. She knew the pros and cons — and most importantly, let us decide. Suzy never pushed any particular home on us and always made sure we were comfortable with her choices to ensure she was hitting all our concerns and needs, etc. My husband and I never minded going out to see homes because we got to hang out with Suzy. She is always so upbeat, and pleasant to hang around and that made the whole process more comfortable to handle because we knew she had our back.

We continue to recommend Suzy to family and friends. There are many good Realtors out there but finding them is the hard part. Once you find one, you never want to switch. We will always start with Suzy first when making a decision to move.

Thank you for your time,

Nancy C. Hammer

Nancy C. Hammer

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